✨ Reminder: Do not use an exchange wallet address for mining as rewards can be lost. ✨
vARRR, merged mining enabled. For best merge-mining results, please use Raddr or rewards can be lost. ✨
Over the next week we will be adding stats to the miner dashboard.
Terms Of Service

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Payment Policy

LuckPool provides transaction id and amounts for all coinbase rewards paid on the payments page and each miner's dashboard (earnings tab).

LuckPool does not control and is not responsible for the wallet addresses provided by miners. LuckPool does not manage or provide wallet services.

Mining rewards (coinbase rewards) are distributed directly to the wallet address provided by miner.

It is the responsibility of the miner for any wallet address used for mining purposes.
Do not mine to an exchange address, invalid address or any address you do not have control over (private keys).

We recommend mining to a transparent (anonymous) address for full validation of payments using 3rd party block explorers (tools).
Payments to private address may not have amounts and/or wallet addresses visible on 3rd party block explorers (tools).

All payments by LuckPool can be proven valid (confirmed) by 3rd party block explorers.

PPLTS (Pay Per Loyal Time Share)

PPLTS is a combination of PROP and PPLNS with a share value curve designed to benefit loyal miners.

This reward system is designed to protect all miners from pool hopping and large farms gaming traditional pool reward systems.

What defines a "loyal miner"?

  • Loyal Miners are those who have a consistent hash rate over a period of time.

How does it work?

  • It takes approximately 1 hour to become loyal and earn full value of work submitted.
  • At the start of mining, work submitted goes through a share value curve ramp up.
  • As time progresses, work submitted will begin to earn full share value.
  • You can watch your PPLTS block reward percent on your miner dashboard hash rate chart.

How does this benefit miners?

  • Rewards for short block rounds are better averaged for all miners compared to traditional PROP.
  • A share value ramp up curve protects against common reward gaming practices:
    • Going Turbo
      • Placing large amounts of hash rate on pool for short periods in attempt to gain majority of block rewards.
      • Share value will reduce quickly to the proportionate hash rate left on the pool when turbo leaves.
    • Pool Hopping
      • Inconsistent hash rate will result in less rewards.
      • Pool hoppers are subject to the ramp up curve every hop.

What about occasional miners and renters?

  • Renters can be loyal miners!
  • Occasional miners are loyal miners!
    • We recommend mining for at least 8 hours with a consistent hash rate to minimize any potential losses.
Mining Policy

Malicious Mining is discouraged and will result in termination of any rewards.

  • Attempting to spoof shares to trick the reward system.
  • Attempting to spoof authentication and/or connections.
  • Attempting any malicious mining activity.

We are always improving & monitoring our services to benefit miners.