Unfortunately, maintaining the Horizen pool has grown beyond our capabilities. Horizen pool will be closing down. Please move your miners to another equihash based pool.
*Note, invalid miner addresses specified in scripts will authorize as znaWz3CnN2Y1Vzx5YG8Amx1gQ5GR84pfwDn
If you find you're mining on the above address, please check your miner setup for a typo or mistake in your miner configuration!
Miner Software Config Generator

Available Mining Servers
Algorithm Equihash
Server/Port na.luckpool.net eu.luckpool.net ap.luckpool.net
ASIC (50Ksol+) 3061 3061 3061
ASIC (10Ksol+) 3060 3060 3060
GPU (SSL) 3058 3058 3058
GPU (rig) 3057 3057 3057
GPU (low) 3056 3056 3056
Username Use an anonymous (t-addr) that starts with "zn"
Worker You may provider worker name as follows: USERNAME.WORKER
Password Simply use 'X' as password. See below for advanced parameters.
Advanced Password Parameters

Use a comma to separate multiple password field parameters. For example; 'd=16,xn=1,hybrid'.

Custom Desired Difficulty (d)

You may provide a desired difficulty as 'd=1'. This sets the minimum difficulty your miner will receive. It is possible to make your difficulty static by appending a S; for example, 'd=1S'.

* Note, 'd=1' equals a difficulty of 8192. 'd=2' equals a difficulty of 16384.

Hybrid Solo Mining (hybrid)

Simply place 'hybrid' in your password field to enable Hybrid Solo Mining*.
You may run multiple workers in hybrid mode and multiple workers in regular pool mode.
* HYBRID worker names should not match pool worker names to prevent loss of pool worker rewards from hybrid blocks.

Time Rolling (t)

You may provide a fixed time rolling offset using 't=1' where 1 is in seconds with a max of 120. Time Rolling will not exceed 60 seconds into the future. *Mining software is allowed to time roll no more than 600 seconds, as per consensus. Shares submitted with time values out of range will result in 'time too new' or 'time too old' rejects.

XtraNonce Subscribe (xn) XNSUB

You may control the interval at which your nonce is rolled using 'xn=1' where 1 is in minutes. Default is 60 minutes.
*See your miner hardware/software for details on enabling XtraNonce subscribe (#xnsub)
* XNFORCE It is possible to force xtranonce subscribe by appending an F; for example, 'xn=5F'.