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Use ZEN address with "zn" prefix as your username. No account required to mine on pool.
          *Note, Invalid address will mine to znaWz3CnN2Y1Vzx5YG8Amx1gQ5GR84pfwDn
Step 1: Choose mining server Questions?
Stratum Servers
ASIC-ZEON 3061 3061 3061
ASIC-Z9/A9 3060 3060 3060
SSL 3058 3058 3058
GPU (high) 3057 3057 3057
GPU (low) 3056 3056 3056
Step 2: Configure Miner Questions?
  • Host Examples (Varies depending on your hardware/software)
    • stratum+tcp://
  • Username Examples (address.worker)
    • znaWz3CnN2Y1Vzx5YG8Amx1gQ5GR84pfwDn.Rig001
  • Passwords (Used to provide parameters for controlling mining features.)

    If you are a new miner, do not worry about setting any advanced options.

    • Simply use X as your password.

  • Advanced Password Parameters

    Use a comma to separate multiple password field parameters. For example; 'd=16,xn=1,hybrid'.

    • Custom Desired Difficulty (d)

      You may provide a desired difficulty as 'd=32'. This sets the minimum difficulty your miner will receive. It is possible to make your difficulty static by appending a S to your difficulty setting; for example, 'd=32S'.

    • Hybrid Solo Mining (hybrid)

      Simply place 'hybrid' in your password field to enable Hybrid Solo Mining*.
      You may run multiple workers in hybrid mode and multiple workers in regular pool mode.
      Hybrid worker names should not match pool worker names to prevent loss of pool worker rewards in hybrid blocks.

    • XtraNonce Subscribe (xn)

      *See your miner hardware/software for details on enabling XtraNonce subscribe (#xnsub)
      You may control the interval at which your nonce is rolled using 'xn=1' where 1 is in minutes. It is possible to force xtranonce subscribe enabled by appending an F; for example, 'xn=1F'. Warning, this can cause a bunch of rejected shares from unsupported miner software/hardware.

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