Horizen mandatory network upgrade at at height 455555 supported! (~3702 blocks to go!)
Note, network upgrade will lower the miner's portion of the block reward.
Current block reward for miners: 8.75 ZEN
After network upgrade block reward for miners: 7.5 ZEN

Welcome to our Horizen mining pool

32.42 MSols
Blocks / Hour
Last Block
  • Miner's Jackpot*
  • Optional Staking Rewards*
  • Anonymous mining; no accounts
  • Block TX fee rewards paid to miners
  • Customizable payment thresholds
  • Miners can set desired difficulty
  • PROP based reward system
Miner's Jackpot

We believe in rewarding lucky miners for being the block finder.

Current Block Reward is 8.62680402 ZEN
Miners Jackpot is 1 ZEN
Remaining Block Reward is 7.63 ZEN

The Miner's Jackpot benefits both large and small miners.

Staking Rewards
Stake rewards are processed once per week.

Opt-In a percentage of your mining rewards to be staked and start earning stake rewards.

Stake Withdraw system is currently being developed.

More information coming soon.

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