October 21st, 2018 - Migration Update

Zcash, VerusCoin, Votecoin have been migrated in preparation for Sapling activation.
Please switch to the NA or EU stratum servers.

Payments sent every 12 hours to prevent UTXO overload in your wallet.

Hush, Komodo, ZClassic are pending migration.

Welcome to our Zen mining pool

15.58 MSols
Blocks / Hour
Last Block
  • Miner's Jackpot*
  • Optional Staking Rewards*
  • Anonymous mining; no accounts
  • Block TX fee rewards paid to miners
  • Customizable payment thresholds
  • Miners can set desired difficulty
  • PROP based reward system
Miner's Jackpot

We believe in rewarding lucky miners for being the block finder.

Current Block Reward is 8.62992352 ZEN
Miners Jackpot is 1 ZEN
Remaining Block Reward is 7.63 ZEN

The Miner's Jackpot benefits both large and small miners.

Staking Rewards
Stake rewards are processed once per week.

Opt-In a percentage of your mining rewards to be staked and start earning stake rewards.

Stake Withdraw system is currently being developed.

More information coming soon.