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Welcome to our Zclassic mining pool

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Unique Features

Truly unique features created 1st by LuckPool.

Advanced Features

Awesome features for anonymous mining.

  • Custom minimum payment
  • Custom desired stratum mining difficulty
  • Fastest mining servers in NA, EU and AP
  • We pay all block and tx fee rewards
  • Anonymous mining; NO SIGNUP!
  • XtraNonce Subscribe Support
  • Dedicated servers, NO VPS!
  • Low Pool Fee (1 %)
The LuckPool Advantage

The unique features of LuckPool allows you to play on your luck for a potential gain over traditional pools.

What is the Miner's Jackpot?

  • LuckPool believes in rewarding miners for their hard work!
  • Find a block and earn a fixed portion of the block reward. (1 ZCL)

What is Hybrid Solo mining?

  • Like playing the game of chance? Here's your shot.
  • Find a block and earn 75% of the block reward. (~9.28162125 ZCL)
  • The remaining 25% goes to pool miners. (~3.09387375 ZCL)
  • Earn up to 25% of your PPLTS share from blocks mined by other miners.

Distribution of Hybrid Solo Block Rewards:

  • Hybrid Miner 1: Mines block, earns 75% of block reward.
  • Hybrid Miner 2: Earns 25% of their PPLTS share value of the remaining block reward (25%)
  • Pool Miners: Earn 100% of their PPLTS share value of the remaining block reward (25%)

See Connect page for details on enabling Hybrid Solo Mining.
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